Donny and Beewee

Tonight, as I walked home along the coast, sucking in the delicious seaside air I noticed a number of #vanlife vans around town. Parked near where I had dinner, along the shoreline and two parked in Ocean Grove just on the other side of the old Asbury Park Casino. In front of one of the rigs, two men were talking with large Starbucks cups in hand. I couldn’t help but slow down, to attempt to glimpse inside the dimly lit dodge, a Continue reading Donny and Beewee

Bye Bye Bollywood Shoes

My mom had a pair of gorgeous jewel adorned sandals that had large rhinestones and jewels on them in many shades of glittering rose. So ornate, the only way to release them to get your foot is to unzip a small zipper in the back of them. I don’t remember what she wore them to, but I think it was my rehearsal dinner or something like that. Continue reading Bye Bye Bollywood Shoes