Private Idaho

Traveling using intuition over a map can be quite exhilarating, as many times a map doesn’t tell you everything you are hoping to find when you make a pit stop on the journey. Crossing the boarder into the US was anticlimactic. I didn’t take a boat, wait on a line or drive through transformative scenery. Down a narrow road, I arrived at a small customs stop where I was asked a few questions and waved through. The officer didn’t even ask to see my pet’s papers. Continue reading Private Idaho

Tips from the Road: Daily Routines and Rituals

The van is my home now, and with over 100 days on the road, I can say there are some definite ways I’ve turned my vansion into a home. In this extremely unpredictable and unconventional life choice, I’ve found ways to anchor myself and normalize. I’ve never been a big fan of routines or being conventional, but getting into some domestic daily habits has ensured that I’m all the more comfortable in my home on wheels. Continue reading Tips from the Road: Daily Routines and Rituals