Cannon Beach to Pacific City

Two nights ago, I thought I had found the ultimate landing spot. I had read about the beauty of Cannon Beach, and decided to see it for myself. Upon arrival to town, I discovered a sweet residential street to pull over and park by one of the beach’s side entrances. As I walked over the dune, I gasped at the beauty of this incredible spot. … Continue reading Cannon Beach to Pacific City

Something Old, Something New

I immediately recognized the tiara, it was mine. As was the veil. For almost twenty years, I’ve hung onto them along with my wedding dress. My fabulous Holly Harp dress sold for $38 this summer at Rebel Supply Co. in Asbury Park, NJ. I”ve unloadeda. lot fo stuff the past few years, the major dump in 2017 when I moved to CO, and then the epic latest purge this past spring when I was preparing to take off in the Mystery Machine. Continue reading Something Old, Something New

Carbonated Bubbles in my Brain

As my journey continues north along the coast of Maine, it is clear that the dichotomy of things happening in my life open up a host of storylines in each day. I’m not just on the road driving, there is a whole life happening far far away that is tethered to me. My journey is not free from distraction, or life’s complications. This trip was … Continue reading Carbonated Bubbles in my Brain


Sitting in the rig, it’s almost midnight and the rain storms are beating down. The relentless raindrops, thrust themselves onto the roof, the windows, the sides of the van. The winds are strong, and every few minutes, the whole van shakes as though the ground beneath it is made of rubber. The lovely Salem bay is now rough, with waves crashing reminiscent of strong ocean current filled booms. It’s a New England storm, and we’re in the thick of it tonight. Continue reading Relentless

Bye Bye Bollywood Shoes

My mom had a pair of gorgeous jewel adorned sandals that had large rhinestones and jewels on them in many shades of glittering rose. So ornate, the only way to release them to get your foot is to unzip a small zipper in the back of them. I don’t remember what she wore them to, but I think it was my rehearsal dinner or something like that. Continue reading Bye Bye Bollywood Shoes

Staging Area: Cupcake Cottage, Ocean Grove, NJ

When I came up with the idea of going mobile for a while, the #vanlife option was still a mirage of a dreamy idea. Without question, I had started taking notes on van builds. I was trying to figure out how to install a toilet by watching fifteen different videos on the subject and oodling the macrame curtains and bohemian interiors of Instagram vans. Just … Continue reading Staging Area: Cupcake Cottage, Ocean Grove, NJ