Why Oh Me Day! ing

Welp, I made it Wyoming. The entrance into the state was rather subtle. I started noticing businesses with signage that had Wyoming addresses and it occurred to me, I must have crossed into the state. Taking backroads is a tremendous treat. I tried video taping my journey, but how can I capture the amazing beauty of this part of the country with a phone shooting through a bug smeared windshield? I drove mostly along the Snake River and other rivers, the Green Gorge Dam and so many intriguing landscapes of shale, rocks, fossil filled mounds and beautiful rivers. 

I forgot to mark the 10,000 mile milestone, but yesterday, it was exciting when I realized I got to 11,000 and over. 

Getting out of Colorado was bittersweet but also exciting because it is the moment I truly realized I’m on an adventure with no limits, no sure goals and open possibilities ahead. As I cruised through the outer edges of Utah, working my way to Wyoming, I began to recognize how unfamiliar this freedom feels. I don’t have any other obligations, except to breathe, take care of myself and my animals, put gas in my rig and go. Or don’t go? 

Yesterday, I made it Jackson, loaded up on groceries and supplies, and headed into Grand Teton National Park. It was my intention to find a camp spot for a few days and hike some trails. When I arrived at the visitor center, I was seething with frustration caused by simply waiting in line and realizing that prime camp spots, even the paid ones, were all occupied and there wasn’t a place for us to settle. I drove around for a bit, took some pictures at the Snake River Overlook where Ansel Adams took his iconic picture of the Tetons and split. 

I found my way to a national forest just outside the park and up a bumpy and narrow dirt road to a legal boondocks spot, with a sweet view and a little fire ring. It stormed shortly after we got here, so I opened the side door to let the wind in and began preparing a delicious tuna steak dinner with the remaining greens from the farm I visited a few days ago and jasmine thai rice. Scoob loved his tuna and rice but managed to pick around the greens and not eat them. Hmmmm I’ve never seen him leave anything over. He was like a toddler, picking at his food around the vegetables, guess they all go through that stage. 

I left the side door open and fell asleep watching the stars above us out the windows and screen. When we woke up, it was freakin so cold. Temps dropped down to the 30s last night, holy crap, and I fell asleep with the doors open! Fortunately, my fuzzy Melenzana hoodie was in easy reach and snuggling up and warming up was not a problem. 

Instead of running to the park at the crack of dawn, I’ve decided to relax here at this sweet camp spot, do some writing, cook and relax. Sipping a nice cup of coffee and chillin with the animals feels like the perfect activity for this Sunday morning. I may go hit the park a little later, and head through Yellowstone or wait til tomorrow. Not sure, and don’t have to decide right now. 

Giving myself permission to spend the day in my pjs, writing in this amazingly private sweet vista in the mountains feels just right.