Stuck, gotta run!

I’ve been “stuck” in CO for a bit. It’s not really a bad thing, I mean, July in Colorado is one of the most magical times to enjoy this state. I’ve been loving the green lush season, although the vampire mosquitos have drained me dry this summer! My poor legs are full of crusty itchy welts that seem like they will never go away.

I just left Crestone, CO, one of my favorite towns in CO for Pagosa Springs to pick up mail, finalize registration on the van, and get some work done. I’m in this sweet coffee joint called Root, which seems pretty new. I’m elated to have found a sweet oasis to work in here in town.

There have been many wonderful adventures in July, like my son’s visit, my friend Carrie’s visit and the Wayfarer Van Gathering. I’m done with obligations, I am ready to get outta here and see more of this big beautiful continent. My first stop is Grand Teton, that’s as far as I’m mapping thus far. I know I want to end up in Alaska, but the route is still pretty open. I’ve been told to plan more, but honestly, I’m sick of planning, I want to force myself to be more spontaneous because it is not in my nature.

Where do you think I should go after that? You tell me.