New Moon after June

New moon this week and a new outlook for sure. Been slowing down and hanging around Colorado, and trying to get affairs in order before taking off again. Hit some snags with van registration, and that sort of put a host of things on hold. Can’t go far if my van isn’t properly registered, right?

My son came to town last week. So happy to see him, but definitely can’t imagine traveling with him full time like this. Woah, no. As fun as some moments are, living in close quarters with a pissed off teen isn’t very fun. My son enjoys a week of camp, then we road trip to the left coast. Fingers crossed, we survive and make new memories. Gotta get him out of the familiar and on to the great unknown before he heads back to MN.

I’ve learned that I’ve grown quite fond of my van space, it’s like a safe little capsule where I have a cozy dwelling and really, everything I need. It’s funny, because I thought my last apartment was so perfect for me, but really, I don’t need as much as I think.

Safe is an interesting word. For the most part, I feel pretty cozy and secure wherever I park. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few tough incidents where I’ve been asked to move. I think the worst of it was when Eagle Police came banging on my window at the rest stop down by the river the other night. We suspect they thought I was an illegal immigrant, they were pretty insistent on getting my ID and checking out things that were not necessary to check. They detained me rather than let me up and move, and scared the crap out of my son and I.

It’s a new moon this week. I’m getting pretty amped to take off an hit the road north. Thinking a lot about cord cutting, writing, energy cultivating, letting go of what doesn’t serve me and seeing the unknown ahead of me. The freeing feeling of not having to have it all figured out is like a glass of cool iced tea on a hot day. Each sip of new I take, tempering the sweltering heat and refreshing the insides.

Sitting in Eagle, CO today, having memories of good, bad, scary, shitty, awesome and magic, I appreciate how I got here to CO. It may have not met my expectations, the cops may be the biggest assholes in the country, but the people here for the most part are pretty awesome. I had the time I needed to have here, and I am grateful for living here for the time that I did, shitty landlord, delinquent druggy jerk kids, fucked up police and cruddy job experience all included. They all taught me things, as difficult jerks often do. The landing here was far from easy, and it certainly make me shed a few skins and learn to work with a fresh new me.

As I look ahead, unknown, no will, no expectations, I imagine the adventures on the road will be challenging and illuminating. I’m really amped to get to Canada, and up to Alaska because getting to those destinations feels like an achievement to attain. There will be new weird friends, sites unseen, real wilderness camping and oh, more hiking!