Why that Wayfarer Rig?

People ask me advice on how to buy a rig. I don’t have too many answers. Buying a van for travel is like buying a big purchase like a house. Right? You look at houses, you have your must haves and your bottom lines. You know you want a bigger backyard, or a nice kitchen with top of the line appliances. There are people who get fixer uppers and people who buy move in ready homes.

April 25th, 2019, Happy Van Day!

I can’t tell anyone what to buy, but I can explain my choice in choosing the rig I got.

Right timing. – While there is a waiting list and wait time of three months for Wayfarer Vans, this rig was slightly used and ready to hit the road the day I was ready to buy. It was a “meant to be” thing that is inexplicable.
Right price. – Because I was giving up a housing payment and housing bills, I knew that I could afford the monthly finance payments at this price. Higher wouldn’t have worked. I got the best rig I could get in my budget. I would not have been able to spend more and comfortably made payments.
Right aesthetics. – Loved the nice woodwork, bungee cord shelves, storage options and set up of the Wayfarer kit. It was unassuming, modern and a little hip.
Nice people selling it to me. – Loved the Wayfarer crew. Ian’s mom was on hand to chat about things and the boys threw my dog a birthday party when picking up the rig. Felt like I was joining a family community, not just buying a home on wheels and driving off in the sunset.
New vehicle. – Getting a 2019 vehicle has many advantages, like 100,000 mile warranty, financing options, reliability, and I know the rig is well cared for because I’m the one doing oil changes and regular maintenance.
Promaster drove the best. – I test drove the three most popular models of new vehicles along with a host of old Vdubs and my rig was my favorite. Decent gas mileage and the cabin size also swayed my decision. The size of the 136″ is just right for me as well. It fits in any parking space as a regular vehicle and I didn’t have to pay oversize rig fees on the many ferries I took this summer.

The day I completed the first round of staging, rearranging and organizing and hit the road headed west. May 24th, 2019.

Took me a few days to set, dress, arrange and rearrange the rig. The day I hit the road full time.

It’s hard for me to give you one answer, but I’m happy to talk about my choice. If you are in the market for a van, I think it’s important to shop around with a list of must haves on hand. Here are some must haves I knew I wanted, big garage for my toys, a pump sink would be fine, ample storage and a newer vehicle. I thought I’d be miserable without a shower, and yet, I’ve managed to keep up my bathing every few days with a little inginuity. I like that I can cook inside on cool rainy days. Super stoked my van is really stealthy so I can park it hidden in the trees without you seeing me in the dark.

Luckily, I’ve been able to purchase a few things that At some point, I can envision making upgrades, adding things and moving stuff around. I may even sell this kit to put in something else. Who knows? Right now, I am super satisfied with my house on wheels.

Sit down and think about what your needs are? You’d be surprised what you decide to let go of once you hit the road, and what you realize you can’t live without.

If you have questions, post them here. Happy to answer based on my own research and experience. Or email me with your questions or blog ideas likewaterforbrisket@gmail.com