Bye Bye Bollywood Shoes

My mom had a pair of gorgeous jewel adorned sandals that had large rhinestones and jewels on them in many shades of glittering rose. So ornate, the only way to release them to get your foot is to unzip a small zipper in the back of them. I don’t remember what she wore them to, but I think it was my rehearsal dinner or something like that.

I coveted them for years as they sat untouched to be viewed in a prominent spot in her closet.

Some years ago, after her massive stroke, she gave them to me. Wrapped in tissue and placed in a new plastic box, I brought them home. It was any intention to find many reasons to wear them.

Not sure I can remember ever wearing them, I have kept them with great care, wrapped in tissue. Treated as precious items to be cherished.

Tonight, I got dressed up and decided I’d wear them to dinner because jeez, what’s the point of carrying them from dwelling to dwelling and not wearing them?

I put them on, and felt like a Bollywood princess. I leashed up the dog for a pre dinner walk… three blocks and my feet were screaming in pain, the straps cutting into the sides of my 50 year old feet, and not broken in. It was painful and ey opening.

In a state of major purging, I took them off and threw them into a large box I am taking to the Asbury Park hipster consignment shop. The precious bejeweled sandals have to go! Along with a Fendi hobo bag, LV Classic 70s tote, and countless other treasured designer pieces and clothes, I’m throwing in the treasured princess sandals.

I put on a pair of used Keens I just got off Poshmark and skipped all the way down the boardwalk to the sushi place for dinner.

Tomorrow, I drop a giant box worth “$$$$” at the consignment shop, because I have no need for these designer precious things anymore.